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WashCo Directors bring over 20 years of exterior cleaning experience to the market.

Welcome to WashCo

WashCo Directors bring over 20 years of exterior cleaning experience to the market. WashCo’s ethos of quality over quantity separates us from many of our competitors in the market. Our respectful and friendly team are an asset to the company and we have a strong working relationship with all of our customers.

WashCo looks to build long term relationships with its clients with amazing service and exceptional results every time.

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House Washes

WashCo is your home cleaning expert and provides a comprehensive service, from your standard external cladding and windows clean to include your roof and gutters as part of a full house wash.

WashCo can tailor a cleaning system to fit the requirements of your home and is expert in a wide range of techniques specific to your home’s surface/cladding.

Window Cleaning

Nothing looks better on your property than a clean window and WashCo provides exceptional spot free window cleaning for both interior and exterior windows.

We offer two quality techniques: mop and blade and a soft brush clean using our pure water system. Both techniques are applied with state of the art equipment including our carbon-fiber water-fed telescopic poles which helps us reach windows up to five stories high without leaving the ground.

For those windows in need of a more intensive clean WashCo offers a range of polishes and scrubbers.


Gutters are one of the unseen areas of a property that can be overlooked. WashCo can provide gutter cleans as a one-off or as part of a full house wash. WashCo uses a specialist gutter vacuum which allows us to clean gutters up to 2 floors from the ground. For more difficult jobs we have height trained staff to clean these safely.

Paths & Drives

Whether you have concrete, pavers, cobblestones or brick, WashCo can offer a solution to clean you paths and driveways. Our specialist flat surface attachments give you an even finish. For more delicate surfaces we can offer moss and mould treatments.


The roof is one of the most important parts of any building. Unfortunately it is also one of the most neglected areas. Regular roof cleaning is an important part of your building scheduled maintenance. WashCo offers two main roof cleaning techniques:

  • Pressure Washing - Our height qualified team and specialist water blasters can give your roof the clean it requires depending on the surface.
  • Moss & Mould Treatment – WashCo is a proud user of Wet & Forget products and supplies and applies this to roofs of all shapes and sizes. This is a great option for tiled and delicate roofing.


Wendy Gilcrest - Pentagon Property Management Ltd

I have been using “Washco Residential” for the past few years with the Washing of Houses, clearing out of gutters, waterblasting drives and pathways. Washco Residential cover all my areas of Managed Properties from City to all of the North Shore.

Not only are Ben’s team of men, friendly and hardworking, they are Professional and take pride in the workmanship they carry out.My tenants are happy, and most of all my owners are delighted with the final result.

Thanks Ben and his team at Washco Ltd.

Richard Wheatley – Devonport

I used Washco to clean my old villa.

For the house they used brushes for my paintwork and water blasting only for the paths. This is a much gentler approach.

They really cared about my property. When I came home and saw it, the difference was amazing. Everything looked like it had just been painted.I’m sure doing this regularly will mean I have to repaint less often.

Well done to Ben and his team.

Regional Offices

North Island

Address: 8C Saturn Pl,
Auckland 0632

Phone: 09 218 6450

South Island

Address: 75 Oakwood Ave,
Dunedin 9011

Phone: 03 425 7786