WashCo provides exterior cleaning to a wide range of commercial clients, these include: multi-story office complexes, industrial buildings, and large-scale retail chain establishments..


WashCo provides exterior cleaning services  to apartment buildings of all shapes and sizes with assistance from our industrial abseiling company @Height we can create a cleaning system suited for each individual client's requirements.


WashCo provides exterior cleaning services  to apartment buildings of all shapes and sizes with assistance from our industrial abseiling company @Height we can create a cleaning system suited for each individual client's requirements.


WashCo has several long-standing relationships   with some of New Zealand's leading body corporate managers who look after large real estate across New Zealand. Our one stop shop of exterior cleaning services makes us the right choice first time.


WashCo  provides exterior cleaning service  to some of the largest aged-care providers in New Zealand. WashCo is a member of the Retirement Village Association and provide scheduled services to over 20 retirement villages across the country.


WashCo  provides exterior cleaning service  to a variety of terraced housing that range from single story units to large scale complexes of 70 plus units.


WashCo  has a large loyal base of residential clients and provides exterior cleaning services from the standard family home to larger residential estates.

Commercial Info

WashCo Directors bring over 20 years of exterior cleaning experience to the market. WashCo’s ethos of quality over quantity separates us from many of our competitors in the market. Our respectful and friendly team are an asset to the company and we have a strong working relationship with all of our customers. WashCo looks to build long term relationships with its clients with amazing service and exceptional results every time.

Building Washing & Cleaning

WashCo is your building cleaning expert and provides a comprehensive service, from your standard external cladding and windows clean to include your roof and gutters as part of a full building wash.

WashCo can tailor a cleaning system to fit the requirements of your building and is expert in a wide range of products specific to your building’s surface/cladding.

Window Cleaning

Nothing looks better on your property than a clean window and WashCo provides exceptional window spot free cleaning for both interior and exterior window.

We offer two quality techniques: mop and blade and a soft brush clean using our pure water system. Both techniques are applied with state of the art equipment including our carbon-fiber water-fed telescopic poles which helps us reach windows up to five stories high without leaving the ground.

For those windows in need of a more intensive clean WashCo offers a range of polishes and scrubbers.

Roof Cleaning

The roof is one of the most important parts of any building. Unfortunately it is also one of the most neglected areas. Regular roof cleaning is an important part of your building scheduled maintenance. WashCo offers two main roof cleaning techniques:

  • Pressure Washing - Our height qualified team and specialist water blasters can give your roof the clean it requires depending on the surface.
  • Moss & Mould Treatment – WashCo is a proud user of Wet & Forget products and supplies and applies this to roofs of all shapes and sizes. This is a great option for tiled and delicate roofing.


@Height Ltd is our specialist industrial abseiling division and has over 12 years’ experience in providing height access and industrial rope access solutions to the New Zealand market.

@Height Ltd provides the same exceptional exterior cleaning services as WashCo where specialist height work is required.

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Gutters are one of the unseen areas often overlooked. WashCo can provide gutter cleans as a one-off job or part of a full building wash.

WashCo uses a Skyvac Gutter Vacuum which allows us to clean some gutters from standing on the ground and a camera feature to allow a visual inspection throughout the clean. For those difficult gutters which are not easily accessible we can offer a cleaning solution from @Height Ltd to service these.

Delicate Cleaning

WashCo understands that not all surfaces are the same and have a range of cleaning techniques for different surfaces.                                        

WashCo has experience in offering exterior cleaning solutions for heritage buildings, plaster clad building, high-end stone cladding and all those other delicate surfaces.

Our low-pressure water blasters and soft brush cleaning can give you the result you want without the damage.                                                                      

We can also offer moss and mould treatments to delicate areas resulting in no direct contact to the building at all.                                    

Carparks & Yards

WashCo offers specialist commercial sweeping for both indoor and outdoor hard surfaces. WashCo also offers mechanical scrubs for indoor concrete surfaces.

Our specialist machines provide an environmentally friendly solution to car park cleaning. Our mechanical sweeper lifts and vacuums dust and debris from the surface. Our mechanical scrubber provides a dosed chemical application, mechanical scrub and finishes with a squeegee and vacuum.


Astrid Martin – Village Manager at Copper Crest

We used “Wash Co” for the first time this year to clean the exterior of our villas and the community centre. We had all their health and safety documents prior to arrival and they signed in and out religiously every day. (very important these days!)The team were here for 4 ½ days. That was approx. 90 villas + a 1300m 2 comm centre.

They were polite, thorough and did a fantastic job. Excellent communication with management throughout, and very cost effective.

I highly recommend Wash Co.

Lancia Hicks - Village Manager, Fairview Lifestyle Village

A big thank you to your and your team. Staff and residents found your team to be extremely helpful and courteous and an overwhelming vote that this is the best window cleaning the village has ever had.As a Village Manager I am very impressed with your compliance with H&S and reporting of any issues.

Jane Millington - Hugh Green Retirement Village Manager

On behalf of the team at Hugh Green Retirement Village, we would like to thank you for the brilliant job you did with the windows.

Considering the enormous size of the job here, there was no disruption to residents, which is appreciated, and the residents are delighted to be able to see out the windows at last!

I will be in touch soon to book the windows in for another clean in November.